Melhor press release de sempre

zimbabweE só podia ser, obviamente, da minha moeda preferida, o Dólar do Zimbabwe. Há que louvar um press release oficial que contém pérolas como…

…the ugly heads of indiscipline, corruption, fraudulent activities and underhand manipulation of our money and capital markets

Today, Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to report that the invisible forces of destruction have been unmasked, marking a turning point chapter when the fraudulent and speculative winds are cast into the inferno of extinction.

the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange had become the most devastating vehicle of economic destruction

Between the 10th  and the 20th  of November, 2008, total fraudulent cheques we intercepted in the clearing system had risen to $60 hexillion ($60,000,000,000,000,000,000,000).

Continuation of the current irrational exuberance will be at each individual or each company’s peril, as no doubt the chickens are coming home to roost.

Eu, pessoalmente, mal posso esperar pelo filme de acção, onde o Sr. G. Gono combate uma versão Transformer do edifício da Bolsa do Zimbabwe. Alguém avisa o Michael Bay?


Posted Quarta-feira, 21 Janeiro 2009 by Silva in Bandalheira

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